Book One: Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook's Diet

Book One: Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook's Diet


By Greta Puls

An inspirational true story of love, hope and vegetable proteins

From bustling Boston and New York of the early 1900s to a lonely Coroner’s court in rural Western Australia, ‘Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet’ tells the story of Dorothea Snook and her raw food diets for babies, children, and those suffering from various ailments, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Includes interviews, case studies – plus Mrs Snook’s famous gut cleanse diet and original vintage nature cure diet charts.

Amazon-endorsed Reviews for 'Gut Instinct':

Charmingly written and a pleasure to read. Not only is it a great yarn about two phenomenal women and their pioneering roles in the alternative health movement, but I picked up some useful tips about nutrition

- Josephine Pointer

Depicts two revolutionary female health pioneers in a realistic way, which made for compelling reading.

- Dyane Harwood

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