When I was six years old, I remember staring up at the night sky full of shining stars, and saying to myself, “I want to be a writer”.

I lived in a small country town in Western Australia at the time, and had read every book in my mother’s leather-bound collection of the classics of English literature - a collection that the literary critic F.R. Leavis would undoubtedly have approved.

I devoured every book in the town’s mobile library, and perhaps this is why I have always had an eclectic taste in books - from classics to pulp fiction, true crime to the cosmos, I read anything with a narrative pulse.

I graduated with a degree in Journalism from Curtin University in 1992, and worked as media coordinator in the University’s public relations department where one of my tasks was to produce the University’s quarterly research magazine. It was during this time, writing up research stories from across the university during an era when the digital revolution was beginning to transform our lives and culture, that I became focused on technology and science communications. I have worked in science communications since then, for some of Australia’s leading science and research organisations.

But while I enjoy science, and bring a critical scientific viewpoint to my writing, my passion is to share the stories of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances - those who walk their own path, or find themselves in circumstances where they must fight for their convictions against seemingly overwhelming odds.

In short, I enjoy telling the story of people whose lives go against the grain.

And this was one of the factors that first attracted me to the story of Perth naturopath Dorothea Snook, whose remarkable life story culminated in a controversial court case, which I detail in ‘Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet’.

More recently I have developed the Raw Podcast, where Mrs Snook’s story features in Series One.

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Greta Puls, writer