Mrs Snook’s Diet - Teresa’s Story

Teresa says: “After following Dorothea Snook’s diet and health treatments, I feel fantastic and years younger. My new energy levels remind me of the energy I had as a child and young person.

I feel great and lost just over thirteen kilos and my cholesterol levels dropped from 7.2 to 5.4, which I was thrilled about. My cholesterol levels have always ranged between 6 and 7.2, except for the time I did a famous diet six years ago and it shot up to twelve!


In a medical check-up I underwent towards the completion of Mrs Snook’s diet, one result that surprised me was my iron levels.  I thought it would be low because I haven’t eaten any red meat, but the levels were high. It just goes to show Dorothea Snook’s food charts do provide for all aspects of good health – it must have been all that spinach tea I’ve been drinking! I love my yoga and spinach tea!

My doctor also said my Vitamin D level was high and asked if I had been taking supplements, which I had not. I do get a solid fifteen minutes of sunshine every morning when walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus.  I also eat my lunch in the park when possible to soak up some sun and spend time I the sun gardening on a regular basis. My blood pressure measured 94/62.

Other health benefits I notice include:

  • I no longer have dull aches in my joints

  • My face is not bloated

  • My skin is self-moisturising

  • I have noticeably lost weight and slimmed down

  • I have heaps of energy

  • I sleep peacefully at night and wake up completely refreshed every morning and am raring to go

  • My posture has improved

  • People keep telling me I look years younger and am glowing!”

Greta says: Teresa kindly offered to be a ‘Snook guinea pig’ - that is to try the vintage diet that worked so well for me, and to monitor her health signs (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, iron levels, etc.) both before and after she completed Mrs Snook’s three-month raw-food gut-cleanse diet. The results speak for themselves. Teresa’s story is published in my book ‘Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet’ (2017).

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